Manicure And Pedicure Implements are made for the advancement of beauty and enhance the overall appearance in fewer amounts of time and with perfection. … Plastic Handle Shears, Thinning Scissors, Grooming Scissors, Tweezers, Pushers & Cleaners, Corn / Callus Planers / Razors, Beauty Kits / Manicure Pedicure Kits. Color Coated Shears. Scissors . Categories. Scissors • Color Coated Shears • Fancy & Cuticle Scissors • Hair Cutting Scissors • Plastic Handle Shears • Tweezers • Eye Brow Tweezers • Nipper & Cutter • Cuticle Nipper & Cutter • Shaving Razors • Pedicure • Curve Nail Pinching Tools • Color Coated & Multi Color Shears. Color Coated & Multi Color Shears. Color Coated . Product Description. Shears are available in Custom Style, Size and color Private Labeling Available. Hair Shears & Hair