Measuring Instruments, with scarf mount collet for tools with shaft diameter , for surgery and implantology, Chcuk for standarf shaft, colour coding for gear transmission, for the hand pieces a huge number of different tolls is available Shapes, materials and measures can be given on request. Length. The doctor can find the reason for discomfort when he uses the Laryngeal mirrors. The instrument is designed with an indent on the handle APPROPRIATE FOR- Good option for in-grown toenails as it doesn’t yank or pull on the nail- Curved blades aid in getting under I am beginning to do my own nails (acrylics) at home and this was the perfect price for my budget as I did not want to spend a ton of money for something that I wasn’t sure I was going to continue to do. The slicer cuts clean and was very reasonably priced. The beauty supply store charges double for the. Stainless steel cutting blade will not rust. Handle is ergonomically designed. Fits comfortably in the hand; opens and closes smoothly with minimum resistance. Easy to change blade. ( one blade included ). Rubber Grip Acrylic Nail Slicers. At Best Rates, You Buy Fine Quality Instrument