Nail Nipper Blue Coated be comfortable and maneuverable. able to provide a precise trim without leaving behind jagged edges. They should also, be free of annoyances like sticky, Nail Nippers Blue Coated, and while they were all decently sharp. We don’t think twice about, cutting our nails once they get too long for comfort, or vanity purposes. However, for people who have, thick and yellow toenails, it’s necessary to find a pair of toenail cutters, that will get the job done. Thick toenails can be a result, of anything from genetic dispositions, to a fungal infection Shop, from the world’s largest selection, and best deals for Finger Nail Cutters, Manicure, Pedicure Tools and Kits. The Large Nail Cutter, is the professional choice for trimming thick, hard, fungal toenails. Large Nail Trimmers are made, of polished stainless steel. Curved tip makes getting, into tough-to-reach corners a breeze… Nail Nipper Blue Coated